Collection: Featured Women of Color

Each quarter the Love Your Journey Pamper Box features a woman of color (WOC) owned business. As part of our mission, we are actively working to highlight and showcase businesses you may not have heard of before.

Did you know that despite lack of capital investments, WOC owned businesses continue to increase each year? In this Forbes article it states, “Over the last decade the number of businesses owned by women of color have skyrocketed, increasing by 322% despite a lack of capital investment. […] Women of color are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs but they only receive 0.2% of funding.”

By supporting Kimi Wilson Co. you are actively working to create change in your own community. Not only are you supporting one WOC owned small business by purchasing directly from Kimi Wilson Co., but you are also supporting our featured women of color entrepreneur each season. 

Our hope is that when you enjoy these products you spread the news! Share your rave reviews on your social media, give them and their company a follow, and support their endeavors. The more visibility WOC businesses receive, the more they are followed on social media, the more their products are purchased, the closer we are to closing the gap between successfully run companies.

Spring Transcend Feature

I love everything about developing new products. From the meticulous research that goes into studying the raw ingredients to creating a flawless product for your skin, I dig everything about it! My passion for creating products soon became a full line of natural Love Your Journey Pamper Box skincare products.

Past Feature

C & E Favors, your soon-to-be favorite treats!

Both in the military, Connie is a social worker for the US Army, and Elsira is a Master Sargent, currently serving twenty-three years in the Army. These creators originally started a nonprofit organization to create beautiful events and moments for soldiers and their families. They donated their talents, money, and time to initiate new relationships and build camaraderie among the units.

This veteran, women of color owned business services Killeen, Texas and surrounding areas through private parties, vendor events, and military functions.