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Kimi Wilson, Founder & Your Skin Care Creator

Spring 2024 "Refresh" LYJ Pamper Box

As we continue our journey through life's many changes, embracing a sense of renewal becomes essential for our growth and well-being. Just like the spring breeze stirs the world around us, this season’s LYJ Pamper Box invites you to experience the revitalizing power of Refresh.

Picture a fresh clothesline, sheets billowing in the breeze, symbolizing the clearing of the old and making space for new beginnings. It's a moment of stillness and movement intertwined, where you allow the wind to guide you towards new horizons, wherever they may be.

This Refresh Box evokes a sense of slow awakening and ease, encouraging you to expand your mind, nurture your soul, and let your creative energy flow limitlessly. You'll find a curated selection of skincare essentials that mirror the essence of refreshment, with notes of seaberry, blood orange, passionfruit, violet leaf, and thyme.

Each product is a gentle reminder to pause, reflect, and embrace the beauty of renewal in your self-care routine and everyday life. 

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Sneak Peeks Inside Your Summer 2024 Box

Introducing Sunset Rouge inspired by and comparable MRK's Baccarat Rouge 540 : a mesmerizing fragrance inspired by the allure of summer sunsets. With its own unique blend of amber and woody floral notes, Sunset Rouge offers an unforgettable olfactory experience. Discover the magic within our Summer Sunset LYJ Pamper Box.

Note Profile

Top: Saffron & Jasmine

Middle: Fir and Cedar

Base: Amberwood & Ambergris

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