Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire

January 1st, 2021

Y’all, as 2020 comes to a close, I am sitting with all the things as I am sure most of you are.

This year has essentially been a trial by fire,🔥 as I like to refer to 2020. We as people have been tested, our values, our communities, our relationships, our families, our jobs, our mental and physical strength, and endurance, and we are still standing! 

Just take a minute to process that!  You are still here. During a worldwide pandemic, you are still standing! I don’t mean to make light of the bruises, bumps, and hardships it took for you to battle this road, but I want you to draw inner strength from your power it took you to make it this far. And yes, the journey is not over, but neither is your will to continue this journey. 

While I sit with the end of 2020, I reflect on the things I know to be rooted in truth. I encourage you to take a moment and write a list of what you have accomplished during this pandemic. 

Here is what made my list: 

• I started a business in a pandemic and kept it running!
• I homeschooled my children in two separate grades
• I supported families during a global pandemic
• I found beauty in the small moments.
• I created something new and birthed it into the world (self-care pamper box)
• I found the most incredible group of core friends that can navigate life with me when the
  world feels like it’s on fire.
• I gave up the desire to be perfect and decided to be present!
• I tapped into resources to aid me when I had exhausted my only skills ( Mimi, you are the best VA and the real MVP)

After you write that list, fold it up, place it over your heart, and close your eyes. Take some deep breathes and soak up the strength, love, and grace it took to do the things on your list! You and only you could have accomplished that list.

Acknowledge your hard work in this season, and after you have felt every ounce of it, please take a big exhale, letting any 2020 tension go while only hold on to the strength of your list.

I wish you all a new beginning full of hope. 

Happy New Year.


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