The Shower Fizzy Fiasco

The Shower Fizzy Fiasco

A Tale of Mistakes, Menthol, and Auntie Magic

A couple of weeks ago, I went all mad scientist in my lab, deciding to create custom shower fizzies for a vendor. Now, why did I decide to stray from my tried-and-true recipe, you ask? Well, because my brain decided that a popular fizz-master's way was better than mine. And well, why not? Change is good... or so they say.

Ahem, spoiler alert: It wasn’t.

At test time, I realized the menthol I'd enthusiastically grounded and mixed in decided to have a party of its own, completely drowning out my delightful fruity aroma concoction. Oh, the betrayal! It smelled like a cough drop, and Fruit Punch had a love child, and it was NOT cute. After a dignified day (or two) of sulking, I decided to get back on the fizzy horse.

But the universe had a different plan. While in the spirit of "I’m-being-productive" mode, I realized I’d tossed my precious formula during a cleaning spree. The drama in my shop was Oscar-worthy, folks.

After a mini-meltdown, a moment of reflection, and a huge pep talk (yes, there might have been a mirror involved), I channeled my inner Beyoncé, played my soul-filling tunes, and remade those fizzies.

Now, that botched batch? It was like looking at a failed science experiment. But, as much as it hurt my perfectionist heart, I just couldn’t trash it. So, into a pot it went, kind of like putting it in a fizzy time-out to think about what it had done.

Fast forward to a Saturday, two weeks later. As I opened the pot, expecting to be assaulted by that fierce menthol, it was... gentler. The scent had mellowed, like a wild child calming down after a sugar high.

Lightbulb moment! I’ve been crowned the official Auntie to eight fabulous kiddos (I know, right? Now all heroes wear capes!). All jokes aside, the props really go to my sister, Kristina. What if I turned this mistake into their treasure? So, I scooped out the minty-peach magic, handcrafted custom labels with their names, and sent them videos of their Auntie hard at work. The smiles that will be on their faces as they watch and receive their goodies! #priceless Worth. Every. Failed. Fizzy.

Sitting back, I marveled at the beautiful twist of events. Sometimes, the path from disaster to delight requires a pause, a fresh perspective, and the courage to see the potential in our mistakes.

Remember, y'all: Next time you screw up, just think - you might be one step away from a minty-peach masterpiece. 😜

❤️ Kimi

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