The BS of Happiness

The BS of Happiness

Why is everyone’s goal ” I just want to be happy?” When did the ultimate happiness goal become so limiting and crippling if you don’t achieve it or currently experience it?

Did you know that the human body can actually experience 34,000 different emotions?  “Dr. Robert Plutchik proposed that there are eight primary emotions that serve as the foundation for all others: joy, sadness, acceptance, disgust, fear, anger, surprise, and anticipation.” (Pollack, 2016)  So why do we deny ourselves the experience of having a range of all of these emotions with the people that we do life with?

Let me tell you what I have been sitting with during this pandemic. I personally have been wearing many brave faces because that is what a good girl does! That is what a woman that has it all together is supposed to look like, right? Well, that is complete and utter bullshit. As women, we wear so many different hats. You might be the entrepreneur scaling up her business, the lawyer arguing big cases, the PTA mom organizing the new normal, or a stay-at-home mom juggle those babies while managing a household. If we can be all of those different things, why can’t we express different emotions without the pressures of being perfect or the perception of unhappiness?

The truth is we can!  Right now, at this moment, I give you permission to let all of your feelings hangout for the world to see. F*ck being perfect, and let’s get 100% vulnerable with what we are feeling when we are ACTUALLY feeling it.

I know this is the moment when I lose some people because taking off the mask you have been wearing for years feels terrifying and super uncomfortable, but let me tell you, it’s freeing. The more you try to keep the mask up, the further you get from living a life full of intention based on authenticity. Hey, the truth is if you don’t show up authentically on your journey, you will rob the people you’re doing life with, and they will miss the beauty of your uniqueness. 

So show up, share the sadness, the anger, disappointment, the struggle, and the messy middle that makes us all unique and human.

If someone has a reaction to you being yourself, it’s better to know now than wasting years doing life with someone who can’t truly accept you. Trust me, you will save yourself from devastating heartache.

So set yourself free! There is more to life than just being happy it’s about having the full human experience and sharing everything even in the hard shit! 

So what are you waiting for?

Go share your unapologetic self with the world. 

I can’t wait to meet you.


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