Holding Space

Holding Space

What does it mean to hold space?

I have recently been engaged in some conversations that have quite honestly left me a bit in my feelings. And to hold myself true to that 100% transparency, I hit my keyboard. 

Many conversations are rolling around our communities privately and publicly, so it feels tough to turn a corner and not be engaged in a deep discussion. 

However, I am noticing a trend. 

Please tell me if this plane lands on your tarmac: “I am holding space for you, Sis! “ 

I have heard it so many times, and it has left me questioning some of the actions and comments I see come immediately after that. So are you holding space, or are you pausing slightly only to give a rundown of your own feelings?

When I hold space for my clients, I am literally putting myself into their shoes and seeing things from their perspective. I completely remove my own feelings from the situation and sit in whatever situation they need me to carry. 

Why? Because I need to know what it feels like to be in their shoes to know what kind of help, guidance, and assistance I can do to help make a situation lighter for them. 

Holding space doesn’t mean adding weight to the other person’s shoulders with your afflictions, judgment, or ideas. It simply means being an empty vessel for someone to place what they need into your hands.

So I ask you before you say or type I am holding space, ask yourself if you are genuinely ready to hold the space!


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