Brown Girls Dream Big

Brown Girls Dream Big

The day has actually arrived! 

To say that I have been holding my breath for the last few months would be an understatement. But I think it is also important to state that I am not here to debate whether or not Trump or Biden should hold office for 2021 or even discuss about the election results and process in detail. 

I am simply here to say I have been holding my breath, waiting to see if the world would stop Kamala Harris from being the first woman black Vice President. This moment is so much bigger than I hoped it could be. When I look at my vision board and cast my dreams for years to come, I know they are limitless. 

When I tell my daughter that she can be anything she hopes to be, I know it to be TRUE to the core of my being because she has a woman sitting on the highest office walking the walk for little brown girls everywhere.

Dream big ladies, you are not the sum of what someone tells you you can be! 

You can color outside the lines and dream audaciously. 

Your voices matter, your dreams matter, the work you are called to do matters, and the lives only you can change will matter!

Today as I watch the barrier of what black woman can become be lifted like a cloud after a dark rainy day, my heart explodes with joy for the future of things to come.



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