Ah ha My Client Got Me!

Ah ha My Client Got Me!

While coaching a client recently I had my own “ah ha” moment that I wanted to share with you.

This week has proven to be one of the most trying of the year so far, dealing with family loss and injuries, emotional rollercoasters, and me trying to handle it all at lightning speed.

Learning from my past, I quickly realized that I needed to slow down and reprioritize or I would make myself sick. Although I allowed my body to rest, my internal thoughts continued to plague me with guilt. I felt terrible for not showing up for people in the way I thought I should, but my need for stillness and quiet overrode any feelings of guilt. I had to process my own emotions instead of rushing to manage others.

I remembered that I do not need to overproduce or over-perform to prove myself worthy of taking a break. When I need to slow down and reprioritize, that does not mean that I am a bad person or doing something wrong, it means that I’m honoring my own needs first. Then, and only then, can I effectively show up for others.

See? Coaching helps everyone! Lol. We have so much to learn from one another. We teach from a place where our hearts have traveled, and I strongly believe to the depths of my soul that my coaching is beneficial because I have walked next to you along the same paths. I have a heart-stake investment in watching you climb your mountains and achieve your dreams.

I believe that each person who comes into our lives is intentionally placed there by the Universe / Creator / Light Source / God, or whoever you find comfort in.

This energy creates divine alignment, and maybe in order to find one another we need to pause so that our paths can cross at the right time. And maybe because of the rest we allowed ourselves during that time, once our paths finally meet we can pour into one another with the deep knowledge and intentionality we each possess.

I hope that this message finds you well and that you’re resting as your body needs it.


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