Revealing You


Y’all kept asking, and we’re delivering –

Check below for brand new episodes of the Revealing You podcast! 

We are so excited to start this podcast journey with you and to further our mission of showcasing and highlighting amazing women in the world. 

In each of these episodes, Kimi interviews women who have gone through extraordinary circumstances and have come out the other side, knowing more firmly who she is and what she’s made of.  In this space you will explore how other women have unburdened themselves by sharing their stories, and how they have cultivated peace and purpose through their pain. 

Our intent is that by listening to these interviews you will feel less alone in this world. That you will be inspired to take action in your own life where you feel stuck. That you will be moved by the stories you hear and take comfort in the fact that we’re in this together.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and get comfy as Kimi takes you on personal journeys of spiritual healing and self-discovery. Who knows, maybe you’ll start to reveal new layers of yourself you didn’t know existed before. We’re here for it.

Kimi drinking a cup of coffee at her desk

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If you would like to be featured on the Revealing You podcast, or if you know someone Kimi should interview, contact us on our Contact page!